The Growth Group®'s Approach

The Growth Group® assumes a holistic approach to therapy that considers the emotional, cognitive, physical, mental health and spiritual needs of the client.

Our client centered approach ensures we are working with individuals according to your style, preference and capabilities. The Growth Group® does not expect you to fit into our frame of reference and do things our way. On the contrary, we respect that each person is a unique individual with very personalized issues and ways of addressing them. For instance, although we may be addressing addictions with two different clients we do not use the same approach with both of them. We recognize that they each have their own past, beliefs, values and perceptions that are as unique to them as a fingerprint is. We travel with you along your path and ensure that you're exploration of the self is safe and positive. With each issue we respect that there are many different approaches and solutions and we encourage you to choose the one that fits best for you. This can range from basic level health teaching in specific areas such as developing self esteem, self-awareness, personal boundaries, communication strategies, emotional connection, social skills, stress management, anger treatment and improving personal judgment and insight. We often progress to more sophisticated, in-depth levels related to personal self-excavation using a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. A blending of Cognitive-Behavioural techniques may be added to accomplish progress and achieve successful life style choices. Regardless of the path you choose it will move you forward along your journey towards personal growth. We honour a number of belief systems and incorporate that in the process of growth and healthy change.

Specific Professional Expertise

We work with a diverse range of complex issues including but not limited to:

  • Mood Disorders (Bipolar; Depression)
  • Treatment resistant Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating Disorders/Self Mutilation
  • Adult and adolescent ADHD
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Couples conflict resolution
  • Brief strategic interventions
  • Past childhood recovery work from: physical/verbal/emotional/sexual abuse
  • Addictive lifestyle recovery
  • Stress management
  • Separation and divorce issues
  • Life/career transition
  • Grief counseling
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviour
  • Anger management

The Therapeutic Process

The process of therapy begins when you contact our office which enables us to discuss your concerns briefly. We welcome any questions you may have about our approach to ensure that it is right for you before you make your appointment. For instance, you may want more information about our training and experience in the areas that relate to your problem.

During your first session we begin to discuss your issues and concerns right away. The initial assessment is important in a unique way in that it is our opportunity to "check each other out" After all, one of the most important aspects of successful therapy is the positive connection between the therapist and their client. Having a good fit with your therapist that includes liking and trusting them is reportedly more important to the effectiveness of the therapeutic process than even the type of therapy that they practice. Even if you have some reservations or some fears about moving forward in therapy, in the first session you will reach a conclusion about how comfortable you are with the therapist. If there is a positive connection then the work that follows in future sessions will be successful. The getting to know each other phase enables us to dialogue and see how it feels for each of us before you commit to ongoing therapy.

Once you have made the decision to commit to therapy, we decide upon the frequency of our meetings. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and most individuals are comfortable with meeting once weekly. During stressful or crisis times you may feel you need more intensive therapy and may attend therapy multiple times per week. Regular sessions are not only reserved for people with negative issues they need to sort out. Many individuals are simply on a quest for more personal growth and seek out objective support and guidance of a therapist to point out options they would never consider on their own.

Our approach to therapy views the issues facing the client which are responsible for their behaviours as complex and multi facetted. We recognize how deep seated an individual's patterns of behaviour are and why you continue to perform in ways that are unsuccessful for you even when you recognize the need for change. Most individuals are often unable to change old patterns without professional guidance. Having the intellectual awareness of your problem is not enough to change it. You must be able to identify with it emotionally as well and until the connection is made between what you know and healthy ways of feeling about it change cannot occur. Your therapist enables you to develop healthy emotions to deal with your problems from a mature adult perspective instead of repeating old patterns you learned long ago.

Your therapist develops a cohesive understanding of the issues with you using an empathetic, supportive and positive stance. This enables you to experience an unconditionally supportive and objective environment where your problems are understood within this new context. Your therapist makes evidence based interpretations based on your presentation and greater awareness occurs through the sharing and negotiating of these ideas.

The Growth Group® Telephone Therapy

Telephone therapy is a service offered at The Growth Group® to ensure that even if you are not able to attend therapy sessions at the office, your needs are being met. The Growth Group® offers our counseling sessions that extend beyond the office setting and can reach you anywhere you may live or work globally through telephone therapy. For additional information or to schedule an appointment please contact our office

All Therapy Fees

The cost of each 50 minute counseling session is $120.00 CDN. There is no GST.

Our services are not covered by OHIP however some extended health benefit plans provide coverage.Tax deductible health, education or business expense. Fees are payable at the time of service. 48 Hour notice for cancellation or change. Monday - Friday: 7:00am to 6:00pm